Sharon’s Baby Shower Cake

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This cake was delivered to Orlando, FL (4 hours away!) and although it looks very delicate, it held up perfectly throughout the car ride! The baby’s room had these little animals so we created baby Alejandro’s soon to be friends to top off the cake. We also decided to add mini 6 inch cakes surrounding the top 2 tiers to give it a more unique look.

I have to say, it was hard letting go of these sweet little animals!

Congrats, Sharon! We can’t wait to meet Baby Alejandro!!!

Andrea’s Wedding Cake

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Andrea wanted something a little different for her wedding. When she sent us the photo of the cake she wanted we were so excited because it was something unique! Creating the gorgeous texture she wanted was the part we loved the most because of the creativity that had to go into every layer. We wanted to make sure this cake was just as beautiful as the bride!

Congrats Andrea and Eric!

Don Elio’s Birthday Cake!

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This cake was created for my brother in law Alex who is also the owner of Don Elio’s Cigars. This cake traveled 4 hours in separate pieces from Miami and arrived safely to Orlando, FL. We knew the cake would look great once it was assembled once and for all but this blew us all away! We created cigars out of sugar along with a replica of what the real cigar box looks like. The hat is all edible along with the flag and domino’s. Don Elio’s Cigars are the best of the best and so is Alex :) so we gave him a great cake! It was an amazing party!

This cake was all vanilla and half had vanilla buttercream filling and the other half had raspberry filling.

Happy Birthday Alex!

DJ Cake

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This cake looked so real it was unbelievable. Everything you see in this photo is either made of cake or sugar (except the disco balls, we just had to put those in!). We replicated his exact turntable, headphones (out of sugar), we added a microphone, and used his keyboard as the inspiration for the top of the second tier of the cake. All the CD’s are made out of fondant and they all say Happy Birthday Michael in the middle! We wrote on some of them with edible ink as if they were real.

We made this cake for an attorney who just happened to like Dj’ing as a hobby. Turns out, he’s an amazing Dj!

Happy Birthday Dj Michael, Esq.!!!

Snoopy Cake!

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snoopy-cakeKatia’s husband contacted us to order his wife’s cake for her milestone birthday. He wanted to surprise her with a little blast from the past… Snoopy of course!

We created Snoopy, his doggy house and we can’t forget his pal Woodstock all out of sugar. This cake was our popular Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream filling.

Happy Birthday Katia!

Bridgette’s Wedding Dessert Table!

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This was a very special day as a great friend of ours named Bridgette got married! Her wedding took place at her hubby’s parents’ home… it was beautiful!

Because the wedding and reception was outside, nature and beauty was the main ingredient for the decor. Bridgette wanted her wedding to be simple, clean, beautiful, and unfinished.

We created a gorgeous and as she calls it, “unfinished” cake along with all sorts of goodies which consisted of assorted cookies, belgian mini cakes, donuts, assorted cupcakes & cinnamon buns. Then, she offered her guests regular and chocolate milk at a milk station right next to our table.

Creating this “Dessert Table” was so much fun! Congrats to Bridgette and Albert!

Yoda – Star Wars Cake

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yoda!This Yoda cake was created for Mikey’s Birthday Party.

We created Yoda out of gum-paste and fondant.

Everything on the cake is edible and everything was hand-made. This cake was an absolute hit!


Tea Time Cakes at The Knot

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We were approached by Jessica Masi of JCG Events to participate at the 2010 The Knot Event in Miami. The party took place at the Moore Building in the Design District.

Tea Time Cakes is proud to introduce the newest member of the family, THE CANDY BAR! What a better place to unveil our newest addition than at The Knot event!

For this event we incorporated desserts and candy along with little baggies for the guests to take home their sweets.

The beautiful flowers were created by M&D Creations, we had a great time working together!

ANYTHING you can imagine could be created with our Candy Bars. For pricing and more information, please contact us at:

Godfather Cake

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godfather-cakeThis cake was created for Jim’s Surprise Birthday Party. As we arrived to deliver the cake, the beautiful waterfont home in Palm Island was completely decorated in the Godfather theme.

When the order was placed, a photo of the 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 was attached.

The cake includes Jim on the red carpet, which was also rolled out for him at the actual party.

His wife is laying on the roof of the car. This car sits on a cobblestone road and everything is edible in this cake.

Safari Cake!

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This safari cake was a hit! It blended in perfectly with the decor of the party. The top tier was created to resemble grass, the middle tier resembled a giraffe and the last tier resembled a zebra of course. We created the tree out of sugar… it was the perfect final touch for the cake!