Valery’s Bridal Shower!

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valery's-bridal-showerValery Ortiz is my cousin so of course I was going to make her bridal shower cake! :-)

Valery’s Bridal Shower took place in Orlando, Fl. and the theme of the party was to wear a beautiful hat! The colors of the party were green and pink, so we created pink flowers and an edible green ribbon around the edge of the white hat cake. This hat cake looked very realistic!

We also created the cutest red velvet cupcake favors for the guests to take home. Each cupcake was topped off with a mini hat made out of gum-paste with a little pink flower on it. We also found matching ribbons to seal these beauties!

Each table was adorned with beautiful hydrangea’s and games ready to play! As each guest walked in everyone showed up with such unique hats and gorgeous dresses.

After we finished playing the games, Valery started to open her gifts and at this point she was feeling very happy and emotional. Just then, her fiance Jessie Carrion’s song started to play in the background. As she opened another gift she says “you all can’t play that song now, you’re going to make me cry!” Jessie snuck in through the back door and started singing the song that he wrote just for Valery, live! Valery was not alone in the “emotional” department while he serenaded her!

Don’t miss any of her shows or movies!

We love you Valery!

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

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This cake was created for Danielle’s Baby Shower, a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.

Her new baby girl is a FUTURE MDC!

Hannah’s Baptism

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hannah's-baptismThere’s no question this baby will be a girly girl! Hannah’s godparents wanted this cake to be “perfect” for their beautiful niece’s baptism. They chose hot pink, light pink and white with flowers scattered all over. To top off the cake they chose a cross decorated with swarovski crystals to make it shine. This cake was so pretty to look at after it was finished!

80’s Baby Turns 30!

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80's-baby-turns-30!Danielle came from Indiana to Miami Beach with 11 of her closest friends and family members to celebrate her 30th Birthday! What a better way to celebrate a birthday than the way she did, at Devito’s Restaurant.

Danielle was born in the year 1980 so that means an 80’s Birthday Celebration was a must. Her favorite childhood cartoon was Rainbow Brite, so to top off the cake we created Rainbow Brite herself as well as Twink and their star and incorporated a rubiks cube.

Danielle loved Pac man so that became the cake.

For the cupcakes, how could we leave out Mario from Super Mario Bros. and the stars, cloud, mushrooms, as well as the red piranha plant from the game!

We added a few more rubiks cubes to the cupcake mix… we couldn’t resist! In this picture everything on the cake and cupcakes is edible.

Lei’s Bridal Shower

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lei's-bridal-showerThis is Leilani’s second and main Bridal Shower with all of her family and friends. It took place at “Dolores but you can call me Lolita” Restaurant & Lounge in Merry Bickell Village.

Every table, corner and even the ladies room in this retaurant is decorated with hydrangeas! It was the perfect venue for her shower especially because those are Leilani’s favorite flowers.

Her “Modern and Elegant” theme included the colors green and black with the beautiful hydrangeas. We created a 3 tiered cake with her colors and a modern design and placed them on one of our tall cake stands. The inside of the cake was our popular vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Diamond Ring Cake

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diamond-ring-cakeThis giant Diamond Ring Cake was created for bride to be Tynisa. She wanted a blinged out diamond ring, so we made exactly that!

She wanted it extra shiny so we added swarovski crystals to it, everything except the crystals was edible, including the ring itself.

The  flavor of the cake was red velvet. Congrats to you Tynisa, we look foward to working with you again soon!

Leilani’s Bridal Shower Cake

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leilani's-bridal-shower,-iThis was Leilani’s Bridal Shower Cake. This shower was given to her by her co-workers, they described her taste as “modern, yet pretty.” We created sugar flowers, blue and white scattered them around the cake and in a circular shape for the “pretty” look. The giant sugar flower with stitching all around the edges gave it the “modern” look.

We will also be making Leilani’s official Bridal Shower cake, with all of her family and friends. Her other shower is coming up very soon, stay tuned for those those photo’s which will be posted within the next couple weeks!

Karla’s Birthday!

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karla's-birthday!This cake was created for my sister Karla’s birthday Party! It was the most appropriate cake for her because these two puppies are her life!

After we finished the cake we stood back and could not believe how real they looked. These Schnauzer’s were 100% edible made out of cake, gum-paste and fondant.

Rocky and Bella are the sweetest and smartest dogs I have ever been around, they definitely take on her personality.  Happy Birthday Karla, I love you!

“Best of the Best” Fontainebleau 2.26.10

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Tea Time Cakes was invited to participate in the Food Network’s “Best of the Best” Event for the  2010 South Beach Wine and Food Festival. The “Best of the Best” Event was held at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Fl. on Friday, February 26, 2010.

Tea Time was the theme of the display. The details were all made out of sugar including the butterflies and the Tea Cup that topped off the cake!

We had the privilege of working closely with Ally and Jackie from the Food Network. It was such a great experience and we “Thank You” for having us!

Renee’s Bridal Shower

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renee's-bridal-showerRenee’s Shower took place at Michy’s in Miami, Fl.

Her “Hubby to be” described her taste and style, down to the shade of purple that she loves! He made sure everything was just right for her. Both tiers were vanilla cake and each tier had a different filling. The top tier had strawberry filling and the bottom tier had vanilla buttercream filling. Soon we will be posting Renee’s Bachelorette Party cake, so stay tuned!