80’s Baby Turns 30!

The Bespoke Collection on May 27th, 2010 No Comments

80's-baby-turns-30!Danielle came from Indiana to Miami Beach with 11 of her closest friends and family members to celebrate her 30th Birthday! What a better way to celebrate a birthday than the way she did, at Devito’s Restaurant.

Danielle was born in the year 1980 so that means an 80’s Birthday Celebration was a must. Her favorite childhood cartoon was Rainbow Brite, so to top off the cake we created Rainbow Brite herself as well as Twink and their star and incorporated a rubiks cube.

Danielle loved Pac man so that became the cake.

For the cupcakes, how could we leave out Mario from Super Mario Bros. and the stars, cloud, mushrooms, as well as the red piranha plant from the game!

We added a few more rubiks cubes to the cupcake mix… we couldn’t resist! In this picture everything on the cake and cupcakes is edible.

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