Leilani’s Bridal Shower Cake

The Bespoke Collection on April 22nd, 2010 1 Comment

leilani's-bridal-shower,-iThis was Leilani’s Bridal Shower Cake. This shower was given to her by her co-workers, they described her taste as “modern, yet pretty.” We created sugar flowers, blue and white scattered them around the cake and in a circular shape for the “pretty” look. The giant sugar flower with stitching all around the edges gave it the “modern” look.

We will also be making Leilani’s official Bridal Shower cake, with all of her family and friends. Her other shower is coming up very soon, stay tuned for those those photo’s which will be posted within the next couple weeks!

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  1. Kim Snowden says:

    I have been searching all pics on the web of wedding shower cakes and this is my absolute favorite shower cake of all. How absolutely beautiful, and I will bet it tastes wonderful!! I am hosting a shower in the spring and getting ideas for the cake. So beautiful!!

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