Valery’s Bridal Shower!

The Bespoke Collection on September 3rd, 2010 1 Comment

valery's-bridal-showerValery Ortiz is my cousin so of course I was going to make her bridal shower cake! :-)

Valery’s Bridal Shower took place in Orlando, Fl. and the theme of the party was to wear a beautiful hat! The colors of the party were green and pink, so we created pink flowers and an edible green ribbon around the edge of the white hat cake. This hat cake looked very realistic!

We also created the cutest red velvet cupcake favors for the guests to take home. Each cupcake was topped off with a mini hat made out of gum-paste with a little pink flower on it. We also found matching ribbons to seal these beauties!

Each table was adorned with beautiful hydrangea’s and games ready to play! As each guest walked in everyone showed up with such unique hats and gorgeous dresses.

After we finished playing the games, Valery started to open her gifts and at this point she was feeling very happy and emotional. Just then, her fiance Jessie Carrion’s song started to play in the background. As she opened another gift she says “you all can’t play that song now, you’re going to make me cry!” Jessie snuck in through the back door and started singing the song that he wrote just for Valery, live! Valery was not alone in the “emotional” department while he serenaded her!

Don’t miss any of her shows or movies!

We love you Valery!

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  1. Yasmin Zeitz says:

    What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful bride! You look so happy!!!

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